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Why to join a study group?

Being new at college it is always difficult because you need to adapt to live far from family and friends, learn to organize your place, meet new people choose what to study and get the better grades you can. Start or join a study group could help you to make easier all that tasks. First thing to do is looking for class mates that are interested to join a study group too. Students that are willing to join in usually attend to every classes and they are interested in doing a great job at college. Size of the group. The ideal will be 4 to 6 students, larger groups tend are difficult to organize and tend to split in smaller ones. Place to meet. A well-ventilated, wide and quite place is where the group should meet to avoid distractions Frecuency and duration. The group can meet once or twice a week for sessions that can last about 2 hours. When the sessions last for more time, students get tired and unfocused. What can the study group do for a students? Share abilities and potential. As not every¬† school student has the same skills, sharing them in a group will help to improve your grades in that subjects you are not so good at. Have all the information. Sometimes although you takes notes you can miss something important said by the professor, comparing notes with your mates will give you that info you didn’t hear. Support. Everybody has low mood moments and many people even thinks about giving up, sharing you worries with the group will help you to open your mind and have another point of view. Socialization. The group can share other activities after study sessions and the other components in the group can introduce you people you didn’t know before so you could make much more friends. In summary, next time a class mate ask you to join in a study group say yes!

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