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Why Students Fail in Class

There are many reasons we can consider why students fail in class despite of the best instruction method performed by many teachers . Those who still fail in class lack the enthusiasm because they didn’t like the teacher or disturbed by other very disturbing matters such as love, vices and problems.

Let’s discuss one by one the many reasons which can affect the attitude of students towards their school activities.

•    Love – When love struck every student this could also affect the way the person handles things. Many students especially in high schools where they are challenged by womanhood and manhood or what we called puberty, are destroying their lives. They often cut classes and met their boy friends, went shopping in malls and experiences undesirable things which they would realize later as fault. Because they’re too young to handle things like this they could not immediately weigh things as bad or wrong from what is right and advisable. They tend to make mistakes every now and them because they want to explore things even to the worst that would happen.

•    Vices – Vices is another thing. When students are tempted to drink alcohol, smoke cigarettes and later take drugs as peer pleasure, the problems arise. They could not immediately control the rash things they have made because they’re too young to understand the facets of life. Although many people look for this things as usual experiences of teenagers but many psychologists said all these problems encountered by many students can be corrected and fine tuned. All it takes is only proper guidance from parents and the school authorities. The ultimate goal is only to work hand in hand and monitor the behavior of many children, especially if they are showing signs of misconduct and bad behaviors during the transformation period of their youth. Vices can really ruin the good activities of students in school. With vices are friends which are bad influence for good students. When friends dominate the group and started to experience bad things such alcoholism, cigarettes, and other tempting activities many problems would then arise later.

•    Family matters – One more thing that could destroy the school life of students are family matters. When the family experiences problems whether financial or other domestic problems the students are usually affected. Their studies are no longer regular because she would always be bothered by the problem of the family. This especially if the problem calls for their attention.      

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