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Who’s to Blame due to Students Facebook Addiction: Facebook or the Students?

College students on Facebook

Facebook Addict

The increasing number of people using Facebook nowadays is indeed incontrovertible. Facebook is a social network service where users can freely collaborate with their friends in and outside the country simultaneously. Due to its popularity and brilliant applications, the age-appropriate of the users is in fact now proficient how to utilize the functions. It therefore becomes the favored method of communication applied today. There are advantages to dig up on this social networking site but the disadvantages are as well current; and since the applications and the social way of communiqué can be found very interesting, thus, the thriving Facebook addict are uncontrollable in which majority of these users are students.

The students on Facebook factually spend much of their time using it rather than the doing the main school responsibility, that somehow just mere as a form of their procrastination. They usually post quotes for Facebook and daily status, in which to a certain extent, if they feel embarrassed, hurt, or humiliated on that day, they don’t mind posting their condition in the content of either text or photos. Opposing to that, one good thing about it is that instead of being distracted, several students log in Facebook in order to cool off and oftentimes prefer on getting more friends; on the other hand, not because they are addicted to some of its applications but they find it more helpful for planning events to carry out and to coordinate with people.

For college students on Facebook, though some believe that those who are using this social networking are of poorer quality students compared to those who don’t involve themselves in is definitely fallacious. Even though if you think you are one of those Facebook addicts, it is relatively a new thing. After all, it has developed into commonplace, there are lots of good causes furnished on Facebook and these all matter how students make way to balance their online life. Facebook is not the one to blame if student users are sidetracked on their studies, for lousier grades deserve by those lousy students.

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