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When Commercialization of Education Threatens Students

The commercialization of education in many private schools is also threatening the quality of education. This is the situation protested by many organized student organizations all over the globe. The commercialization in education has greatly affected the learning process of many students. They become paranoid as well as distracted when their schools successively increase the tuition, laboratory fees, and other miscellaneous fees. This problem continues to exist in many colleges and universities and the governments have played deaf and dumb.

    The problem is there is official body task to specially audit the financial status of many schools or when they have already gone overboard what is just and fair. Although, it is also the responsibilities of parents to give proper education to their children but they have also felt the need to create a specialized body that would religiously look into the many schools that allegedly impose exorbitant fees. The commercialization in many school have also resulted to denying of education to deserving students.

    In the US, the government has created a law which gives equal access and opportunities to many Americans as well as naturalized American citizens. One of these laws is the student loan program which allows students to apply for a loan if he feels he cannot exactly support his study. The law is also supported by many colleges and universities and this has successfully liberated the Americans from the bondage of ignorance and poverty. Thousands of Americans who have no enough means to support their education have freely applied for the program. When you start your first year on a college degree that you enrolled in you can loan up to $2,265. It would also increase as your level of education in college increases. You can get the maximum loan of $3,500 in second year and $5,500 for third and fourth year students. Even graduate schools can also apply a loan for $8,500. The American government believed that education is still the best option for the young generation. Many colleges and universities in America have been supporting this great endeavour to give education to all who dream of enjoying a good and professional career in the future.   

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