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What to study? A life-shaping choice

Once you have finished senior year at high school you have to make one of the most important decisions of your life; choose what to study and which University will have you a one of its students. Many times young people let their family of friends tell them what they should study. Once they get the degree after years of effort and many hours preparing the exams many of them realized that all that time was a waste because they don’t like what they were studying for. However at that point the decision cannot be easily reversed and most of the people go on with their life although they don’t fell happy with it. No one wants to spend many years studying and starting a career that don’t fit with him and that will make him unhappy for the rest of his life . In order to avoid this situation, you should sit a career test for high school students . These tests show you what are your better skills and which studies are related to your abilities so your chances to make a proper choice and go a great job increase a lot. Once you have the determination of studying a certain degree you should choose the best institution to take that studies that you can find. Companies are very sensitive about where the job applicant took his studies so University reputation is a point to consider when choosing one. There are another aspects to consider as cost per year, distance to your family home, chances to get a grant, etc. but the fist one to be aware is the studies program quality. To finish, a really good advice to any student: Study what you like not what you are supposed to.

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