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Valentine’s Day: a day to show love to humanity

The Valentine’s Day is one of the famous celebrations of the year around the globe. It is about commemorating the romantic love occurring on February 14. Every specific day if this month, people are busy giving flowers, chocolates, and gifts to their love ones. Above all to young people, this day is a very great day for them; college students can make an incredible situation throughout the day to enjoy and make the most out of the one-day celebration. Thus, it is important to learn by heart that Valentine’s day is not only for those lovers but it is purely illustrate and implies the LOVE we need to give out for everybody!

In Cincinnati City of the United States of America, a girl name Mariah Reynolds showed her admiration and appreciation to American troops and veterans 4 years ago by sending them Valentines card. Mariah has heartened for these people since her grandfather and great-grandfather were veterans. One time she went to visit them at their American Legion post which made her realize that American troops and veterans should be given special support especially during hearts day to make them feel they are appreciated, because lots of people are not thinking of them on this particular holiday, this is what Mariah said on her interview. So, she started at Just One Heart. She made the cards and about 5,000 Valentine’s Card, Mariah Reynolds is still sending them while giving time to volunteer for inexact 500 hours to the public service a year.

Because of what Mariah Reynolds deed, she received the Prudential Spirit of Community award- the award is about honoring the young people in middle and High school students for outstanding volunteer service to their community, to be awarded this coming April 2011.

Such accomplishment must set as a good example to all students anywhere in the planet. It is not an easy thing to do but if you really desire to help other people heartily, you can spare your extra time to volunteer for your assistance; otherwise, like Mariah Reynolds, making 5,000 Valentines Card is nothing for she principally mind not her own self but the happiness to furnish to others.

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