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US Students Need to Update in Biosciences Education

People in the academe are alarmed over a recent report of lack of knowledge of students in the United States about biosciences. This is a major setback and students should do its share before it’s too late. According to the report the nation would be at risk if this dilemma cannot be immediately acted upon by concerned authorities. Many schools now around the states in the US are showing concerns of the new report that came since Monday. The said report was reportedly funded and researched by Battelle, the Biotechnology Industry Organization and the Biotechnology Institute based in Columbus, Ohio. The deficiencies, the report said, will definitely hurt the competitiveness of the country in the world. In fact, with this report, it said students showed lack of interest in getting this kind of career education in bio sciences as well as in other science courses. Tom Wiggans, chair of the famous Biotechnoloy Institute said during the convention on Biotechnology in Atlanta. The report discussed the wide disparity margin as far as the student’s performance is concerned. For those who can no longer rely on manufacturing sector is now shifting their focus to biosciences and biotechnology – and this is felt by many states in the United States. Bioscience now includes agriculture, pharmaceuticals, medical lab and research and nearly all the states in the US have specialization in this industry. Paul Hanle, Biotechnology Institute president said there is now a good chance to develop to make the industry alive and kicking with the help and support of many people who have specializations relative thereto. Hanle is confident the development in biotechnology is now at hand by developing biosciences in education. Educational progress recorded that students in America are now having a fair percentage in advance biology placement examinations. They are also ready for biology in the college levels. While it is true that students need to update its biology knowledge but this also happens in many countries and schools world wide and not only in the United States.

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