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UK announce change in students visa conditions

British Immigration Minister, Damian Green, has announced a significant change in immigration policy related to non-EU students looking for enrol on courses in Britain. This statement was made in a major speech on immigration after a research has discovered one fifth of those who arrived United Kingdom with a student visa are still in the country five years later. The minister said Britain needs ‚Äúsmarter immigration controls — controls which bear down on the numbers coming and welcome those we really need here.” Last year number of student visas that were granted risep up to 300,000 and Green described it as “unsustainable”. The minister plans stricter controls and new measures that will ensure that only “brightest and best” get visas to study and work in the country because “We cannot assume that everyone coming here has skills that the UK workforce cannot offer, and we will not make Britain prosperous in the long term by telling our own workers not to bother to learn new skills as we can bring them all in from overseas.” One of the first changes could be students will have to make a statement on what to study and when they are coming back to their origin countries. This crackdown on students visas is related to Conservatives promise to cut down immigration.

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