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Tips to decorate your dorm room.

Eventually you aren’t a school student anymore. You arestarting college, leaving your parents home and moving into a dorm room. It is really so exciting as it sounds till you enter you room and realize that is not anything but a small and  boring space. Your dorm room is going to be your “home” for the next months even for some years so you better decorate it in the way it makes you feel comfortable enough.  You need to create a proper atmosphere in which you can study and sleep. First thing to do is to avoid to take too many useless things from your parents’ home. Sure that toy has been on your room’s desk your whole life but it will be doing nothing at your dorm room but stealing space. When packing at home to move into dorm, students need to be careful about what taking and what not: leave behind everything you don’t really need. I know that you are a student and you don’t want to spend a lot of time of money decorating your dorm room but there is something you need to spend money on: lamps. Having a proper lighting in your room will assure  you enough light without feeling like a hospital operation room because of dorms fluorescents lamps. Best advice  is to have three light sources: a general source (a pendant lamp will work), a soft bed area source (like a side table lamp) and a desk source to study. Others things than can make your room much cozier and can be bought in an inexpensive way are: -        Textiles: Curtains, cushions and bed lining -        Informal seating: Poufs, floor cushions or even small and funny armchairs -        Mirrors. They can make your room look bigger and reflect your lamps light so you get a brighter room. -        Carpet: Colorful and cheap carpets can be found almost everywhere. Wall Decoration. Frames, posters and pictures will add the -        final touch to your room.

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