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The Social Network

The film known as “the Facebook movie” is already very popular. Not so strange if you imagine that it’s about the discovery of internet communities. Something that has changed young people’s life enormously! Who of you don’t have Facebook? I’m sure that most of you would not know what to do without it. Today Facebook has members from all over the world who spend the most of their online-time on this website, so Facebook even beats Google! The now 26 year old Mark Elliot Zückerberg is one of the richest young people in the world right now and there are no signs that his company will stop growing in the near future. The movie starts with a 19 year old guy at Harvard University who was not, but would like to be, sociable. He and his friends from the university came up with the idea for a community for Harvard students, to put their whole college experience online and to share pictures, stories and to chat with other students. But soon it started to expend to other schools across the country. Now Facebook counts 500 million users from all over the world, it is one of the biggest companies and made Mark one of the youngest billionaires in the world. Of course all this success does not come without making a few enemies. Like the trailer says; you don’t get to 500 million friends without making a few enemies. The movie tells us how Mark was a computer nerd who often made diverse websites for the school and the students. Then the Winklevoss twins came along, they wanted to make their own website and wanted Mark to help them. Mark easily played along, but in the meantime he starts building his own website and delays the launch of the website of the Winklevoss twins. That little trick didn’t really make him popular. But he didn’t really care; he was ´the Facebook-guy´ now and as a bit of a sociopath he preferred that over having real friends. Like his roommate, who he dumped along the way because he didn’t need him for his investments anymore as he would find somebody else who could help him further on. All this came back to him when the three of them sued him for $65 million. They are even planning on suing him again as they believe that they should get more money because at the time of the law suit they didn’t know the exact value of the company and so they came out with less than they could have had. All that does not make him look like the nicest guy in the world. But don´t we all make mistakes when we are barely 20 years old? Especially when money comes in the game it becomes quite difficult to stay sociable, especially when you are a bit koo koo to begin with… Hopefully this movie will inspire you to do what you do best, and get even better at it. Maybe then one day you can earn your money by practising what you love to do the most! Curious about the movie? Check out the trailer! Also check out the news reports about the movie and its background-story!

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