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The National Student Survey Controversy

The Higher Education Funding Council here in England will usually conduct a yearly National student Survey to all learners in the country especially the college learners in order to determine on the areas that the school system needs to improve upon giving out their educational services to the students. Most of the questions that have been written in the surveys will usually asks about the learning’s that they got from their respective schools and how they can apply this things as they go on with their career search after they will be finishing their higher educational learning. Aside of that also, questions regarding the system of their schools and their teachers way if educating them will be included in the questionnaire or in the National student survey. In which, the students will be ask if they like the system that there school and teachers are giving to them for educational learning purposes.

With these kinds of questions, it really revealed on how the students will really evaluated their educational system based on the learning’s that they got from their schools and teachers. But there are some schools or teachers who feared that their schools or colleges will loose credibility or standing as the Higher education funding council will rate it. In which, it leads to some school professor to convince their students to give a good or positive feedback about their school in order to retain its good reputation just like case that had happened in Kingston University. In which, Fiona Barlow-Brown and Fred Vallee-Tourangeau both psychology lecturers in Kingston University have found out secretly urging their students to answers the National Student Survey questionnaire positively. This secret had been revealed based on the recorded that had been found out by one of their students and it was reveled on the public after the top list of universities and schools had been released based on the decision of the higher national funding council. After that released of the recorded event, the Kingston University had confirm and ask for apology to the public about that event and their continuing education school administrators makes sure that it will never happened again. Although, there are several individuals who have criticizes that result of the top listing schools based on the NSS survey but still the Higher National Funding Council stay firm with their decision.

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