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The Implementation of National Identification Card

It had already been known that identification card is very much important for both students and workers due to the fact that this identification card will serve a proof that a certain person truly or officially affiliated to a certain institution. As well, this identification card also serves as a basis about his or her personal identity. No wonder that most public or private schools and offices from around the globe usually implement the necessity of having an identification card over their learners or employees. Without any identification card, there are several consequences that a certain employees or learners are facing on because it means that they lose some of the privileges on their institutions.

Here in England one of the recent issues is about the existence of the national identification card. In which, all the citizens here in England must have or posses a national identification card in order to access the governmental and private privileges in England. But most of the people who are required to have a national identification card aside from their school identification card are the individuals ages 16-25. With these new implementation of policy throughout England especially to the young individuals, the government officials about the feed back of the people especially the learners from campus schools who are involve to this national identification card. As a result, the England officials have created a public website that will provide a freedom for those who are involved about the national identification card to express their ideas and opinion about this matter. As a result, most of the individuals especially the teenagers are opposing about the implementation of this national identification card. Since, for them it’s quite irrational and hassles to their part especially.

As people especially the teenagers have expresses their opinions they are very much hopeful that the government will hear their side and be open minded with some changes or resolution in order to provide convenience on their part as they forego their daily transactions in life especially for the learners who are foregoing their study. As the government officials have read some of the comments or opinions of the people about this national identification card, it moves them to create some resolution in order to address the needs of the public.

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