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The Education Act of No Child Left Behind

BooksThe No Child Left Behind Education Act in the year 2002 needs on some revision for several times before reaching a maximum efficiency. Without any formal announcement, the current administration in United States have already made it clear that wanted of changes its law that could entirely reauthorize their year. For those beginners, they would like to have more effectiveness of mechanisms toward intervening upon failing on this schools and ways of rewarding these schools towards making on some rapid developments. But this will be no lesser essentials in order to protect what its quite good into their law and entirely resist of pressuring from this powerful forces for educators unions, the state governments and towards other groupings that might seek on to weaken. Specifically, this administration and congress needed of preserving and even strengthening their provisions that holds on their states accountability upon placing on this qualified educators in each classroom setting and even closing on their achievement that gap between this poor children and even towards wealthy contemporaries.

Those critics entirely like of saying that there will be No Child Left Behind according to the former President George W. Bush educational signature law that somewhat got some failure. But for the entire flaws, their law got its focused into these nations of educational learner’s achievement as they never before. These programs had already got off towards their poor beginning. The states were now allowed of keepi9ng these unqualified educators and for their phony up in graduation rating and even testing on some scores that are still not be where they must be. But their achievement gap will continually narrow if they keep on their working functions. Before setting this No Child Left Behind especially that most states will be covering up their gap through just simply not of reporting or even analyzing this test scores data through this gender, income or race. As the law had already ended this kind of practice through requiring the states upon providing an yearly breakdowns for their career building learner’s achievement data along their economic line, ethnic and racial aspects. Those schools that have failed of meeting on an measurable achievement for their targets in the field of reading and math subjects that will be force for restructuring.

The developments are already in order especially that their education secretary have already noted that their current law have already fails on of distinguishing between this campus schools that misses on their targets due to the mere fact that they will be permanently mired for failure and their schools that misses on their respective targets but still making on some rapid progress development. This administration and congress must able of finding some ways of recognizing and even rewarding their educational learning institutes that have already move on forward without even opening their floodgates to this newer round of evasion and fraud. In addition to it, this little known for their loophole that have known as their safe harbor provision that entirely allows several educational learning institutes upon missing on their respective goals upon claiming of meeting them through this statistical sleight of their respective hand. Especially; that this loophole needed to be closed and in the end their educational administration most importantly take on some tasks function in order t hold on their line against from their critics who have just complain that this law considered as onerous. In this recent years, Mr. Duncan have already seemed on of backing away from this crucial provision of their respective law that entirely requires educational learning institutes to continually make on some progression along this prescribed the timeline exchange for their federal dollars. Providing some idea upon a continually linking of these federal educational dollars towards this measurable progress that taken back on for their negative days during the time that this educational reform consist some vague aspirations without any action plans, for no timeless and ultimately got a fewer results.

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