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The Call for Higher Education Funding Support in Minnesota State by the Student Leaders

How important could be the student education is? Choosing to earn a degree with a reputed university can be a career-paving decision but the choice can also be evidently the right track to follow in order to acquire the excellent career opportunities in one’s life. Hence, encountering thought he consequence called financial backing, a number of students anywhere part of the world fail to take the chances due to monetary scarcity.

Brought by the descending state of economy, these render millions of people worldwide jobless, caused to touch new lows where the growing can’t-afford parents over the wisdom of funding their children’s education in a fancy college degree was deeply affected.

Lately this week, the Minnesota State University in Mankato fighting for the importance of higher education funding by walking for three days from Mankato to St. Paul which is 95 miles; the student larders’ way of drawing the attention as a call for their mission.

Last Monday May 9 this year, Tom Williams, the former Minnesota State Student Association President and Brett Anderson, the former vice president, accompanied by Matt Lexcen, the new president of Minnesota State Association and the new vice president, Moriah Miles, as well as several other students of participating the protest left exactly at the Centennial Student Union 10 in the morning yesterday and plan to arrive at the State Capitol on Thursday, noon time. Similar as what the former leaders of the association had once done, they repeated the three-day walk just to achieve what their calling for.

Tom Williams stated that the marching to the Capitol aimed to get a promise from Gov. Dayton and the legislative leaders for a vision of public higher education’s financial increasing pressure on college learners; moreover, they want to strengthens the future of Minnesota leaders and workers to the extent that they doesn’t have to force today’s and the looming generation to suffer because of this colossal probable financial credits.

Williams and Anderson want to accentuate to the legislators, the governors and to the taxpayers that the public higher education is greatly funded by the students and other private sources. “We are concerned about the future of our institution and students and families that are struggling to afford higher education,” said Anderson. The state of Minnesota gave their word to provide for higher education more than 50 percent of total revenue but has broken their promise. The students pay more notwithstanding the reducing class services as well as fewer professors. “The continued pattern of decreasing funding to higher education has left the graduates and future leaders of Minnesota with devalued degrees and more debt,” Anderson added. Because of the student leaders and other participating students in this association will walk the Sakatah-Singing Hills Trail from Mankato to Faribault, going through the Madison Lake, Elysian, Waterville and Morristown. Afterwards they will go to trek to the Northfield on state and county highways, and so on reaching the State Capitol.

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