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The Best Way to Learn English

Are you thinking about going to a foreign country to study English? You want to learn English quickly. You want to improve your English. Here are some facts you may want to consider as you plan your studies.

There is no quicker way to learn English than to “live it” in a total immersion environment. In total immerson programs students spent almost one hundred percent of class time in studying a given foreign language. The language learning or the subject matter taught in that language are incorporated in the school curriculum. The ultimate goal of this learning method is to help students to become functionally proficient in English, to master subject content in English, and to familiarize themselves with all the aspects of British culture. Total immersion programs are sequential, cumulative, continuous and proficiency-oriented and aim at international students.

You have a busy schedule but the nature of your work requires proficiency in English. You can opt for a partial immersion program and spent about half of the time learning English. The main goal of this learning method is to become functionally proficient in English while continuing to work. It allows you to maintain the immersion in English language and do so in a format that is widely available and requires minimal efforts. In addition, the partial immersion program will give you the flexibility to customize your learning experience.

Language and cultural immersion programs, either total or partial, prepare people for global citizenship in the twenty-first century. They enable students to experiment some aspects about the language culture. In addition to finding the opportunity to experience the British culture, immersion programs aim at the attainment of functional proficiency in English.

Here are some tips for international students who plan to enrol on total or partial immersion programs.

v Contact international organizations providing Student Loans

v Search for the best English immersion programs in the UK

v Contact Travel Centers to find out about the cheapest flights, car rental, hostels and hotel accommodation

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