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Take your exam at home

Are you also tired of stressing out while waiting in line to take your exam, talking with everybody and appearing that you don’t know as much as you thought you would? Then maybe there is a solution for you. A company called Software Security Inc has created a new kind of software that would be able to allow school students taking their exams at home. Thanks to the new technology, students wouldn’t be able to cheat at home. According to the BBC website, the device has to be plugged into the computer of the student. Afterwards it takes a fingerprint in order to verify the person being the one who he claims to be. During the exam, a webcam and a microphone are switched on making sure that there is no one else in the room talking or there is no unnecessary movement. Furthermore, it would be impossible for the student to get access to the internet or personal files thanks to a ‘Lock Down’. Some universities are testing the software and say that it’s good. It helps the disabled a lot for example. Of course nothing is 100% secure they say but neither are traditional exams.

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