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It’s you’re first day at Campus and even though everybody can see or knows you’re a ‘newbie’ do not behave as one. Off course you can be all excited, but don’t start running to your locker as soon as the bell for break rings. Or carry these huge backpacks with all your study books. Take away these tips from other students; it makes college life so much easier ;-)

  1. Preparation is half the Victory. Before you go to college, make a list of all the things you need to take with you on your first day. Pens, paper, markers, study books etc.
  2. Check if the university has a ground plan on which all the class rooms are stated. Saves you a lot of time searching for the right class.
  3. Attend Freshers’ week. This is a great opportunity to get to know your classmates and other Freshers’. Also, you can become acquainted with all the societies of your university.
  4. Set priorities. If you have exams coming up at the same time you have that amazing party you can’t miss out on, make sure you start studying early. Studying while hung-over from last night won’t do any good for your grade.
  5. Time management. Especially the first weeks of college can be overwhelming. You will receive tons of information, dates for exams, essay deadlines and homework. Make a planning for yourself to get organized. Plan when you are going to do what and also plan your spare time. This will save you a lot of stress.
  6. Go out there and explore the student life. Don´t stay too much in your old life pattern but make time for new experiences, new people and definitely go abroad!
  7. Sleep. Even though sleeping isn’t equal to the typical student life, make sure you get enough sleep. It will impact on your grades, your brain functioning, your body, your mood, your looks… do we need to say more?



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