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What is Online Education?

Online education, virtual education, e-learning or distance learning are all synonyms for the same concept. Lots of scientists give different definitions to what online education exactly is. For we will use the definition according to Collins (2002), who defines online education as the creation and proliferation of the personal computer; the globalization of ideas and other human acts; and the use of technology in exchanging ideas and providing access to more people. Audio, video, computer, and networking technologies are often combined to create a multifaceted instructional delivery system. The fundamental method to unite the distance learning instructor with the distance learner is the network. Networks suitable for distance learning implementations include satellite, cable modem, digital subscriber lines (DSL), and wireless cable.

Why Online education?

One of the main reasons why students choose for online education would probably be for convenience. With an internet connection you can access your online education program from everywhere, anytime it suits you best. You don’t have to attend classes at fixed schedules or have to be physically present at campus; you simply take your classes online.

Students living in more rural parts of the country might face hours of travelling before they can access campus. Online education removes these geographic barriers. In addition, have you thought of the pollution you are producing when travelling everyday hundred miles? With the environment on top of the worlds agenda, ‘moving online’ is much earth friendlier.

Disabled students don’t have to access hard to reach classrooms anymore. Specific online education programs can be tailored to student’s needs and abilities.

Some of the most popular degrees to pursue at an online university include an online rn to bsn, degree in health care administration, a criminology degree, masters in applied psychology and a number of other great degrees in a variety of fields.

Advantages of online education

In the section before, some of the advantages are already presented. Here, we will sum up the advantages of online education.

  • Convenience of studying everywhere, anytime
  • Don’t have to travel long distances to attend college
  • Don’t have to be physically present in college
  • Maintain your job while attending classes online, whenever it suits you
  • Don’t have to find a babysitter
  • Learn at your own tempo
  • Have one to one meetings with your online teacher
  • Earn your degree faster than when attending regular classes
  • Easily contact other students
  • Less paper work, you can hand in assignments electronically
  • No heavy study books to carry with you



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