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Take away these tips when you are applying for college!

  1. When you do a paper application, fill in the required fields as neat as you can; type and print college essays on the computer
  2. Use black ink and standard fonts
  3. When you need official copies of the SAT/ACT test scores and your academic transcripts, allow the institution you need it from enough time to send it to you
  4. Set all important dates, such as application deadlines somewhere you will not forget about it
  5. Make sure you hand in the complete application package before the stated deadlines, incomplete applications will not be considered for admission
  6. When your college wants a letter of recommendation, start early with asking the concerning person to write it for you
  7. If you have done extracurricular activities or achieved any outstanding performances mention these in your college essay
  8. Make a full copy of the application package for yourself
  9. If you can send the application package by e-mail, put yourself in CC
  10. If you know someone who is already going to the university you want to attend, you could ask him or her for help



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