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General Admission procedures

Every college has its own procedures on how you have to apply for college and how to be admitted to college. We suggest you to check out the website of your university for the specific details on the admission procedures. Though there are some general steps every college will follow:

  1. Every new student has to meet all application requirements.
  2. Hand in the complete application package, including official copies of your SAT/ACT test results, an official copy of your academic transcripts, photo copies of personal identification documents and all other application materials required.
  3. Only complete admission packages will be considered for admission.
  4. Submit your application on time. Application received after deadlines will not be evaluated. The arrival date of the documents counts, not the date on the postmark. We advise you to send your documents by an official courier or by certified mail.
  5. As soon as your college has received the application package it will confirm the receipt of the application package within a few weeks.
  6. Some colleges will invite you for admission tests and interviews after receiving your application package.
  7. Sometimes you need to pay an application fee and registration fee (see the university’s website for more information).
  8. When admitted to college, your university will send you all the information you need to enroll the courses and other things you need to arrange before going to college.
  9. When denied admission you will receive a letter stating the reason for denial and explaining the appeal process. If not, you can request the reason for denial.



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