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Apply for College

Before you can actually attend college, you normally have to apply for college. Applying for college is not as stressful as it might seem on first hand. With simple tips you can find in the section ‘Tips for applying’ it becomes a piece of cake.

Once you know what you want to study and where to study, you should consult the university and request if they can send you the application documents and requirements. Most universities offer the option to apply online via the university’s website. You will probably receive log in details from the university or you can create an account online to complete your application. Applying online has a lot of advantages compared to paper application. You get warnings every time you leave the application page, asking if you want to save your settings. You can easily upload your college essays and when you’re about to send you application, the system checks automatically if you have filled in all the required fields. The websites are highly protected against hackers and other privacy infringements, so you don’t have to worry about your data being accessed by somebody else than yourself.

If you are not comfortable with applying online you can also do a paper application. When you are doing a paper application double check whether you have filled in all the required documents and see if you added all the necessary papers.

It is very important that you hand in the application before the given deadlines. Missing the deadline equals missing out on applying for college. Generally, you have to send your application packets before January the 1st of the year you want to attend college.

The application package should also contain test scores from SAT or ACT tests and academic transcripts. You can request official copies of the SAT/ACT test results by the test center at which you have taken the test. Your high school needs to send an official copy of your academic transcript either to you in a sealed envelope or to your college. Make sure you leave your high school with enough time to process your academic transcript.

Last but not least, you will have to write a college essay. More information on college essays is featured in the section ‘Tips for college essays’.



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