Study Abroad
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My Abroad Experience

Simona, 24, last year of marketing master degree

Experience: 5 month internship in an Internet marketing agency in Madrid, Spain

Objectives: The first aim of an experience abroad is of course to improve language skills. Working and living here for 5 month allowed me to improve my Spanish, and at the same time my English. On the other hands this is also my first real working experience in marketing sector, so is it also a good chance to improve and practice my marketing skills and start my career path.

Expectation: After my first month here I asked to stay here longer, so it is clear that I had more than what I expected before to come here. I enjoyed the work here in my company, my new friends and flatmates and above all the life in Madrid.This city is simply amazing and a lovely place to live.

3 most impressive experiences: Live with 8 flatmates, Madrid lifestyle and my first real work experience.

Life lessons: Start a “new life” alone in foreign country, even if for few month is a life lesson itself.

Would you do it again: I would do it again for sure, unluckly I can’t stay here longer because I’m going to graduate after summer, but I can say that I’m totally satisfied of my choice.

Reccomendations: As you want stay abroad for some months you should get as much information as possible about the place where you are going, the company were you will work or the school where you will attend your courses, the accommodation and so on, so you won’t have bad surprised and you will be pretty sure that you are doing the right choice.



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