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My Abroad Experience

Onno Schopenhouer, 24 years old, went to Universitat de Barcelona in Spain

For my study abroad I went to Universitat de Barcelona in Spain. The city of Barcelona is a worldwide known city with some very special aspects. Before I went to study there I visited the city a couple of times. Sometimes for holidays, sometimes to see friends that live over there. In that way it wasn´t that special to go there for a longer time period. In total I have stayed 6 months in Barcelona and it was a great time.

Studying in Barcelona is great, there are over 10 universities in the city and so there are a lot of students. Tough Barcelona is the 2nd city of Spain it isn´t too big. Every part of town is reachable by public transport within an hour. The things I remember the most of my time in Barcelona are very various. The football matches of FC Barcelona in Camp Nou are things I will never forget. The passion for the club and the full stadium over and over again are impressive. The nightlife in the city is one of the best of Europe as well. There are many restaurants to have a nice dinner, there are even more bars to have a drink and to finish the night there are some good clubs. Barcelona offers a place to enjoy the night for everyone with the variety of these places. Another thing that makes Barna very special is the passion and feeling for Catalonia among the Catalans.

The main lesson I learned abroad is about the Spanish lifestyle, which fits me better as the Dutch lifestyle. There are various thoughts about it all over the world but for me it worked out pretty good. The feeling for food, family and sports are some aspects that are important to me and so for the Spanish community.

I would go again tomorrow if I had the possibility. The experience you get to live in another country with a different language and a different culture will teach you things you cannot experience in your own ´home´ country. It enriches your life and your future. The experience to go abroad is phenomenal and it is a good way to learn or improve another language.



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