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My Abroad Experience

Michelle Holmes (22) is living in Salamanca, Spain as part of the Erasmus Program

My name is Michelle and I’m 22 years old. Since September I have been living in Spain as part of the Erasmus programme. As the year abroad is an integral part of my degree, I have always known that I would have to spend a year away and, to be honest; the thought had terrified me before coming. However except for a few ups and downs in the first few weeks, I soon started to love it here in Salamanca. Due to the nature of my degree I have to spend 6 months studying at the University and 3 months in a work placement, so I get to experience both sides of life here.

There have been lots of memorable experiences so far but one of the best things I have done is travelling around Spain. Before Christmas a few friends and I went on a road trip to the South of Spain and visited Seville, Granada and Cordoba. It was one of the best experiences, and something that I will definitely remember about my time here.

Another thing that sticks out, looking more at the language side of things, was the first day I managed to sit through a two hour lecture and actually understand everything that was going on. Apart from this, I guess all the people I have meet here have helped to make this whole experience impressionable, as I have made some really good friends.

So far this experience has made me realise that I am able to cope by myself and face any challenges that am presented with. In general, the experience has made more conscious of trying to make a bigger effort with any Erasmus students that may come to my university, as I now know how it can feel to be in a different country, knowing no-one.

If you have the opportunity to go away I definitely recommend that you do it. It has, so far, been an unforgettable experience for me – and it is something that I would honestly recommend to anyone.



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