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Language study

Some students have the possibility to do a study abroad program through their own school, in this case students spent one or two semesters of their studies on a partner school in another country. If your school does not offer this possibility, a language study abroad is a perfect alternative to improve your skills. A language study is a form of studying abroad where you go to another county to quickly learn another language.

It has many advantages to learn the concerning language in another country. For example, some benefits of learning Spanish in Spain would be:

  • All people around you are speaking Spanish, so you hear it all the time.
  • You will practice your oral skills because you can talk Spanish with anyone around you.
  • You will be highly motivated because the main reason that you went all the way to Spain is to learn the language.
  • It will also be a lot easier to practice your writing skills, because you will encounter Spanish texts everywhere, for example in news papers.
  • You will also meet a lot of people that do not really speak English, so even if you are scared, you still have to talk Spanish to help yourself around.
  • A lot of Spanish speaking persons take part in a Curso de inglés en Londres, which means ‘English course in London’. Why is this considered as one of the advantages? Because you’ll find people in Spain who speak English and Spanish, so you can do an exchange to practice the language which both of you benefit from.

Once you decided that you want to do a language study abroad, you have to decide what kind of study you want to do. Think about it if you want to do an intensive language course or a course where you study only a few days a week. It is always nice to benefit from the travel opportunities you have once you are in another country. So you can do an intensive language study and stay one week extra so you can travel around after finishing the course. Or you can study a few days a week and combine this with traveling. Another thing you should look at is whether you want to do a general language study or a specific one. Many language schools offer specific study programs for different working sectors, for example: marketing terms in Spanish.

Language schools are always looking for new students so they are willing to help you with many things, for example your accommodation. Most schools offer different accommodation possibilities like host families or student flats. It is also possible that you book your course and accommodation at once, and thus benefit from discounted prices for both.



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