Study Abroad
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Checklist Study Abroad

To make things easier for you, we composed a checklist. With this checklist you can make sure that you are well prepared before you start your study abroad.


  • All my study contracts are signed and I have extra copies.
  • I have completely red the content of the contracts, checked the dates and know what to expect.
  • In case that you have to choose your study subjects, make sure that you know how you have to do this.
  • I copied all the address data of the school/ my accommodation to give to my parents/friends that stay home.
  • (if applicable) I applied for a grant and arranged everything regarding it.
  • I arranged my Visa / Passport for the country that I am going to.
  • My Health Insurance is covering my trip abroad or I arranged an extra insurance.
  • I copied all the important documents for myself (contracts, health insurance, visa etc.)


  • I booked an accommodation and have a confirmation of the duration that I can stay there.
  • I checked what is included in the price and am aware of extra costs, like light, water, administration costs etc.
  • The duration of my contract is correct, and the landlord of the accommodation is aware of the fact that I am leaving again I completed my Study Abroad.
  • I checked different traveling options to make sure I booked for the best price.
  • All my tickets are printed


  • Once you arrived it is very useful to buy a new simcard for your phone, because it will be a lot cheaper to make and receive calls.
  • You can also already check the neighborhood, bus stops and metro stops in Google Maps, this way you will not be completely lost once you arrive.
  • Be aware that you are going to another country, so there will be a lot of cultural differences. See this as an opportunity to learn new things instead of a threat.
  • Because there are so many things going on, it happens many times that you start postponing things that you originally planned to do in this country (trips or touristic excursions for example). Always take your chances when they are there, because the trip will be done before you know it.



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