Study Abroad
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Study Abroad

Studying abroad is a comprehensive concept. A lot of websites are fully dedicated to study abroad programs and everything that comes with it. You can completely lose yourself in the mayhem of information offered online. Here, on, we want to provide you with the basics and most trusted sources you can get on studying abroad. All these websites are presented in the section 'Helpful websites'.

Why Study Abroad?

Every (former) student that has gone abroad will have had different reasons and experiences for studying abroad. You can find small reports of experiences students had when they were living abroad in the section 'My Study Abroad Experience'. However, we can top the 10 basic motives for students to go abroad.

  • Learn a new language – one of the top reasons for abroad studies. Because this is such an indispensable reason, has dedicated a separate page to it, Language Study.
  • Make friends from all around the world.
  • Enhancing your future employment opportunities.
  • Earn college credits while taking classes abroad in a country far more exotic than your home country.
  • Immerse yourself in a foreign culture.
  • Gain knowledge you cannot learn from any textbook.
  • Become more skilled in your communication with others.
  • Surviving and adapting in/to another environment.
  • Increase self-knowledge.
  • Take classes you cannot enroll in, in your home University.

Just to be convinced about studying abroad and the whole experience that comes with it, watch this movie…



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