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Students Should Learn the Value of Education

Many students nowadays are slowly getting lost of the importance of education into their daily lives. While there students who focused themselves on education there are other students that are not interested to finish college or pursue a career education maybe for lack of enough knowledge. The student community in many colleges are also faced with the new challenges in education brought about by many developments in the world we have today.

While these developments are very helpful in many other ways, this also have bad impact on some students. These developments pose danger to the supposed continuing education of many students because they are badly influenced. The only thing we can conclude for this matter is that while developments can help us there are also other factors of it that may also harm us in other ways and this what happens to some students.

For this situation, the Plano Independent Schools District (PISD) is assistng the students to be able to monitor their activities as well as guide them become more focused on education rather than being influenced by lots of temptations outside the school premises. The PISD is a kind of student resource program revised from the general education program for students. Dr. Christie Duke, PISD assistant director said this special education program would eventually refocused back the students to make education among their important concerns while they’re young and can easily digest whatever developments in education.

Duke said they even have some re-alignment of the curriculum to meet the demands and to be able to make this particular method as their best tool to fight against the gradual lost of focused to education by many students. Duke is honing on the word “ableism” as a general role to re-focused the gradual lost of focused on some students. The ableism approach, Duke said, would be able to give impact on the solutions of this problem currently faced by students.

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