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Students in California go for Renewable Energy Program

CALIFORNIA – The students are considered a big force to propel nation’s progress given the chance to lead in various programs their capacity and number is needed. Just at the University of California (UC) in which students have organized a formidable force to initiate renewable energy programs – and not only nursing education programs. This program of students is very laudable. In fact, it gained them recognition from various student organizations across California. The energy program was originally created by the UC faculty and it was aimed at bringing together Danish and U.S. students. The project is collaborated by three UC campuses namely Merced, Sta. Cruz and Davis including Roskilde University and the Technical University of Denmark (TUD). The program is also composing of 20 Danish students and another 20 UC students that are both graduates and undergraduates.

As part of the program of activities of the project, the students visited the communities in Lolland which is the main sources of renewable energy. They will be working with energy experts to make the program more efficient as far as results are concerned. Ali Shakouri, organizer of the program said the project is hands on so that students would be able to learn the many complexities in its plan to push a shift from fossil fuels to a more sustainable form of energy. Shakouri is UCSC’s Baskin School of Engineering professor.

Shakouri said his office taught the students about theoretical knowledge on how sustainable energy works so that they would have proper understanding and guidance of the program. This knowledge Shakouri teaches can also be found on other online degree program. Students also evaluated environmental issues and concerns of using fossil fuels. In this way, they are also guided how to differentiate the two programs and which is much better to implement. Lolland is one of the municipalities of Copenhagen in which renewable energy projects are concentrated. Last year, Mayor Stig Vestergaard of Lolland visited UCSC along with other delegates that also came to visit Santa Cruz for the same project on energy. Projects in Lolland that are now developing include the facilities of Nysted Offshore Wind Farm and a blade factory such as the Vestas Wind Systems.

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