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Student’s Emotional Instability

Academic education is very much important because it is the core course of knowledge and skills for the young individuals to learn upon and become more competitive enough in exploring the world. But the most important aspect in the field of academic education is the career educational level or college education due to the fact that this is the point where learners have to undergo in order to be more prepared for their future career or life time profession. With that, it is expected that students are very much busy in accomplishing the course requirements and passing the entire subject course.

For the high standards of the schools and their educational program requirements, it sometimes creates some pressures towards the students. As a result of this academic pressures and expectations, sometimes it leads the students to experience stress or to form some negative emotions or abnormalities. This observation had been confirmed by the Dr Hayes in London. One of the common emotional abnormalities that students usually form is to become dyslexic which is being not transparent to themselves as who they are and sometimes can’t express their own emotions. These dyslexic usually happens to the young learners who are enrolled to the different boarding schools whether private boarding schools or not. With that case, the Dr. Hayes urging the different school administrators especially the boarding educational learning institutions to somehow improve their educational system by giving their learners a chance to express their emotions or feelings. Aside of that also, Dr. Hayes is also urging the different schools to have several set of school counselors in order to cater the wide vast of emotional problems of their students.

Allowing the learners to express their own emotions will give them a chance to be who they are and to develop their selves in order to become mature individuals. Since, having a stable emotion will provide much greater opportunity for the individuals especially for the learners to grow in their career field. In that case, somehow these expressions of emotions will serve as a personality building for the learners to develop their potentials and become well diverse individuals.

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