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Youth Hostels

A youth hostel is typical student accommodation when traveling abroad. All over the world you can find youth hostels, where you can rent a bed at very low prices per night. Usually, you will share a room with other guests; sleep in a bunk bed; share the bathroom; and sometimes a kitchen. The bedrooms can be mixed or uniform and occasionally you will find private bedrooms.

Hostels are a great place to meet other travelers from around the world. Because of all the shared dormitories you can easily socialize; and very often the hostel arranges activities like, pub crawls, city tours and beach trips to get in touch with your fellow travelers.

Main things to take into account when staying at a youth hostel concern theft, privacy and noise. Check if the hostel provides lockers to save your valuable possessions. Since, most of the bedrooms are communal you will have less privacy and might be woken up by snoring neighbors or early leaving roomies.

If you already know when you are going to travel abroad and you want to make sure you have a place to sleep when you arrive, try to see if you can book your hostel online. Especially, during peak seasons like summer this could be in your advantage and prevents you from having no place to sleep. You can use the search panel below to find a hostel. Prior to booking a bed, take a look at the reviews, pictures and experiences of other guest that have been to the hostel you’re considering to stay in. Might prevent you from any disappointments.



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