Student Travel
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Student Travel

Studying, homework, assignments, exams, deadlines… sometimes you just need an escape from it all. Why not go and travel (abroad)? Nowadays you don’t need specials student travel agencies anymore, because so many other travel agencies and online companies have entered the travel market, competition is fierce. Therefore they can offer you cheap deals and flights. You can easily book last minute offers and cheap tickets to your desired destination. If you have booked a cheap ticket but don’t have an accommodation to stay yet, youth hostels are a great and cheap place to stay in. A youth hostel is a typical student accommodation and probably the best thing about it is that you meet a lot of fellow students from all over the world. Even when you are travelling by yourself, you never have to be bored or feel alone when staying in a youth hostel. Find out more in the section Youth Hostels.

If you bring your laptop with you or you are in the possession of a smartphone, we have a free international wifi hotspots directory for you at

Also, don’t forget to make arrangements for communicating back home. Phone cards, PC to Phone calls are some of the options where you can save money on international calling. Trust us, you don’t want to end up with high phone bills, you can spend that money so much better when you are abroad!



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