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What to study?

Finishing high school and don’t have any idea what to study in college? No reason for panic! With the tips, study test and checklist provided at making a decision on what to study has never been easier.

Since the choice you make on what education to apply for has consequences for your future career, choosing your study is some serious business. We strongly advise you to answer the following questions, before taking the test.

What do I love to do?

You probably have heard it a thousand times over and over again. But, choose a study based on what your interests are in. Write down ten things you absolutely love to do and make a top 10 of this. Then look on the internet if there is any studies that are coming close to your top 10.

What are my strengths and weaknesses?

What are you good at? And what are you not that good at? Maybe you want to strengthen and develop more in-depth knowledge about the things you are already good at. Or you might want to strengthen your weaknesses by higher education.

Does the university I want to go to has open days?

If you already know what university you want to go to, see if they have open days and if so, try to attend one of those open days. The University can provide you with a lot more information than you can simply find on the internet. Very often there are students from that university that can tell you all the things you need to know about making a study choice. You can, for example, ask them how they made their choice. Also, you can get an impression of what it’s like to go to that university.

Do I know someone with an interesting job that I would also like to do in the future?

Maybe your neighbor is driving a very nice car and you want one yourself someday. Or your father, mother or other relatives are having a job you totally admire. Talk to them! Ask questions how they got the profession they are doing today. What universities they went to? What education did they have? How did they make their choice on what to study?

If they love their job, they would probably be very willing and excited to talk about it with you.

Do I know somebody who is doing an interesting study?

Look for someone near you that is doing a study you are considering or maybe just want to know more about. They can give you a lot more information, the website of the university doesn’t tell you.

Have I talked to my career counselor at my High School?

The career counselor at you high school can advise you even better on how to make a choice on what to study. They have years of experience with students like you, who aren’t sure yet what they want to study and can help you in making the right choice.

Have I compared different studies to each other?

Unless you are dead sure about what you want to study. We want to recommend you to compare different studies to each other. For example studies in economics might look a lot alike, but have different courses. It would be a shame if you choose a study that doesn’t have the courses you would like to enroll in.

Study test

After answering the questions above you can take a study test. The study test is a good test to give an indication of studies that connect to you personal character and wishes. Bear in mind that the test is designed to give you a first glance of where you possibly are interested in to study. Maybe the results deviate from the study you had in mind.


Are you sure what you want to study? And ready to apply for college? Quickly, make sure you check all the boxes below.

  • I have made a list of things I love to do
  • I have spoken to someone who does a job that I admire
  • I have spoken to someone who does the study I want to apply for
  • I have attended open days of my future university
  • I have talked to my career counselor
  • I have compared different studies to each other
  • I have taken online study test



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