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Career Aptitude Test

A career aptitude test is developed to find out more about your own competencies. Aptitude is one of the components a competency contains. The other components of a competency are understanding, knowledge, learned or acquired skills and attitude. Everyone has aptitudes and you need these to do certain kinds of work at certain level.

We can make a distinction between physical and mental aptitudes. Where physical aptitudes are concerned with the ability to perform a task, mental aptitudes comprises all the things you can ‘do’ with your mind. For example, to set goals, make commitments and plan for the long term.

Organizations use aptitude tests to evaluate how people perform different tasks and see how they respond to different situations. For you this is probably not yet relevant. Though, you might have done similar tests in the past or need to take one in the near future. This is because some universities use the Scholastic Aptitude Tests (SAT). SAT is normally used for college admission in the United States. To prepare yourself for the SAT test you can practice example questions online.

If you already have some working experience and you want to take a career aptitude tests to see which tasks suit you bests and how you respond to different situations, you can take a test here on This kind of test can also be of relevance when you are looking for a part time student job and you need to define what your strengths and weaknesses are. So that the company you are potentially going to work for knows what tasks to dedicate to you.



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