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Student Loans

Ahead of attending college or University a lot of preparation is required from your part before you can actually go. Probably one of the most essential things you need to arrange is how you are going to fund your education. When your savings, scholarships and/or grants are not enough to pay for college, you might consider taking a student loan.

A student loan is the type of financial aid that YOU MUST REPAY, including the interest accumulated during the repayment period. It is important that you are informed by trusted sources about student loans to prevent you from any loan swindle. Financial aid offices at your high school or University can give you all the necessary information you need and can help you finding the right loan that suits your financial needs. Most often the financial aid office has a directory with trusted loan providers with low interest rates from which you can choose.

Two different types of loans exist.

Federal loans

These are the most popular student loans in the United States, because they have low annual interest rates; favorable repayment terms, including an extended repayment period. Federal Loans are coordinated by the federal government and the repayment usually starts when you finished college.

  • Federal Family Education Loan Programs (FFELP): These student and family loans are provided by private entities and are guaranteed by the Federal Government.
  • Federal Direct Loan Programs (FDLP): The student loans are offered directly by the Federal Government through the schools. The loans are managed and collected by the US Department of Education.

Private loans

Private loans are provided by your University or other private financial institutions. They are based on your credit history and the terms under which you close a private loan can vary significantly depending on the lender. In general these types of loans include higher interest rates, fixed repayment terms and limited deferment options. We highly recommend you to initially take advantage of the student loans that are standardized by the federal government before getting yourself into the private loan system.



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