Student Jobs
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Typical student jobs

Examples of student jobs that are the most common are: hospitality branch, voluntary work, call center positions, office assistants, child care, teaching, retail, and manual labor.

If you are interested in working in the hospitality branch, your options are very broad because there are many different student jobs available. Some examples are: bar tender, receptionist, housekeeping, and working in the restaurant of the hotel.

A more challenging student job would be as a volunteer in your own country or abroad, you will learn the most incredible things being a volunteer. In many cases its worth more to have an experience like that, than to get paid for your job. Find more information about volunteer programs in the Volunteer Program section on

Student jobs that generally pay well are jobs in call centers or in the office. In the retail sector it depends on which company you are working for. If you are more interested in working abroad, than the typical jobs are: au pair/child care, teaching a language, volunteering, or working in a restaurant.

If you are looking for a summer job it is also easy to contact colleges and universities because they must operate like any other business. That is why there are always student jobs available in many colleges and universities. There is a library with student jobs, bursars’ office, administration offices, food service with student jobs and hundreds of other potential student summer jobs. College can be very costly and often colleges and universities set aside student summer jobs in every office on campus.

Usually these summer jobs do not pay very much but they offer flexible hours and cater to the testing and studying needs of the student. Often it is possible to do the majority of your studying at your student summer jobs.



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