Student Jobs
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Summer Jobs

You may wish to have a job or an internship this summer. There are a lot of student summer jobs but in most cases they do not pay at all but allow you to gain experience within your major and looks really good on your resume. Many times the company that provided your student summer jobs will hire you once you graduate.

If you do find yourself with the summer free, why not take advantage of the long holiday and get work experience abroad by doing a summer internship? It could be you want to teach a favorite activity of yours (skiing or diving perhaps) or that you are looking for something a little less stressful – say fruit-picking or au-pairing in the Mediterranean. By working abroad, you’ll demonstrate your independence and want for adventure to your future employers and of course, you’ll be able to add some sort of language skills to your CV too (assuming you make an effort to communicate with the native people whilst abroad). Should your language skills already be highly developed, consider work in a hotel – reception jobs are often open during the summer months as the rise in tourism levels means there is often a high demand for staff – this is a great job of much responsibility so be sure to check it out!

Please bear in mind that it’s not absolutely essential that you go abroad to get international experience – how about teaching English in the UK? Being a native speaker, you’re already qualified so all that’s left to do is find a school! If you already have a background in a second language, ideal. For example, you could employ the Spanish you learnt at school to teach English to Spanish people in a language school in Spain, practicing your foreign language skills when explaining the English grammar yet still being able to go back to your comfortable family home during the evenings – certainly the best of both worlds!

No matter how you choose to invest your time during the summer, a summer job or summer internship, make sure it is benefiting you! Whether it is earning money or getting experience, the summer holidays and the time you have outside of class during the academic year is a lot and so be sure not to waste it!



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