Student Health
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Student Health Insurance

Student Health insurance is an absolute necessity for students, yet a surprising number of students rely on their university’s student health clinic rather than paying for a student health insurance. You should have a college student health insurance plan separate from the basic student clinic options.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Do I need to buy student health insurance?

All fulltime students who are attending college need to have student health insurance. Visit the Web site for information on Qualifying Student Health Insurance Program.

The college student health insurance plan provides primary coverage for a full calendar year and has a national network of medical and mental health providers. Many students choose this health insurance plan in addition to continued coverage under the parent’s plans. For those who feel their current health insurance coverage is adequate for major illness and emergencies, the Prepaid Health Center Option provides a low cost “bridge” between the student Health Center and your HMO/PPO for common illnesses and injuries.

Will my student health insurance cover payment of fees at the Health Center?

The majority of the services at the Health Center are provided free of charge, however there are charges for lab tests, medications, x-rays, physical therapy and infirmary admissions of greater than 4 hours duration. The Health Center does not participate in any HMO or PPO networks and does not contract with any indemnity plans. Please check specifically with your student health insurance carrier regarding their policy for payments that are out of network.

How are referrals to specialists covered on student health insurance?

Please refer to the specific sections on the referral process and the outpatient benefits. If you choose not to participate in the Student Health Insurance Plan, contact your health insurance carrier regarding the availability of specialists within your provider network and procedures for referral. Many plans require the Primary Care Provider (PCP) to make the referral. The most common reasons for referral by the Health Center staff include: orthopedics, dermatology, infectious disease and mental health.

What about medications with the student health insurance plan?

The Student Health Insurance Plan has a pharmacy benefit of $1000 annually. Refer to the enclosed brochure for details on co-pays of the student health insurance. A local pharmacy works with the Health Center to electronically match student health insurance information and deliver prescribed medications to the health center daily. When the current and correct student health insurance information is verified, the student pays only the co-pay as defined by her student health insurance benefit. If the information is not available, not correct or the claim is denied, the student is responsible for payment in full at the time the medication is picked up.



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