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Home exercises

We partly covered this subject already in the Staying fit! section at Home exercising complements cardiovascular fitness for the perfect work out. No need for an expensive gym contract, no need for any equipment and off course… No more excuses allowed for not working out! You only need your own body and some space to do the exercising.

If you do like to work out with help from some home fitness equipment we suggest you to take a look at our Fitness Best Sellers. Especially, when you want to try yoga at home, a Yoga Mat is no luxury. Or if you would like to intensify your trainings and add more strength to it, try to work with dumbbells.

The following home exercises allow you to exercise everywhere, anytime you can. Combine these with cardiovascular fitness to keep your brain fit and your body tight!

At Acefitness they give you a top 25 with home exercises for a full body work out. You don’t have to do all the exercises every time you work out. Key to a good workout regime is variety. Alternate the exercises from time to time to keep it interesting for yourself. Also, to prevent your body from getting used to the exercises and not reacting anymore to the training. Important to note is that you do not start with exercising before you had a warming up. A warming up is an essential part of your workout routine to warm up your muscles and prevent you from injuries. Same is true for a cooling down.

As for every home exercise applies, stop as soon as you feel pain; are feeling unwell; or faint.



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