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Eating Healthy

Eating healthy is of vital importance for your brain. In this section of we pay attention to the so called ‘Brainfood’ and we will provide you with tips for the best & easiest college recipes.

Brainfood is the so called foods that keep and improve the brain functioning. Off course, it is not just brainfood that keeps your brain fit; it’s a combination with a whole lot of other factors amongst physical fitness and cognitive capabilities. The brain is a complex mechanism about which still is a lot unknown. Fortunately, more and more research is dedicated to our brain functioning and the knowledge we have about the brain is increasing. Same is true for type of foods you need to consume for healthy brain functioning. Though, we want to attend you that simply eating healthy is not enough to keep the brain performances on a high level.

The brain accounts for 2 percent of our body weight, sucks down roughly 20 percent of our daily calories. So, just like your body to perform you brain needs a daily supply of energy. Energy can be derived from everything you eat, but there are typical foods that are proven to keep your brain a healthy one. At they compile a list of 50 foods that are good for the brain. Below, we stated the top 5 Brainfoods and their motivations why they are brainfood.

Fish is good for anti-aging of the brain and significantly reduces cognitive decline in the elderly. “That rate of reduction is equivalent to being three to four years younger in age,” wrote researcher Martha Clare Morris, (ScD, of Rush University Medical Center, Chicago) in the Archives of Neurology.
By eating blueberries you are literally feeding your brain new neurons. Compounds in blueberries have been proven to “reverse” short-term memory loss. Research on blueberries effects on the brain found that they actually increase the number of cells in the hippocampus – the region of the brain which is responsible for memory. So, blueberries in fact cause neurogenesis – the production of new brain cells.
Eggs are known to enhance many executive brain functions. Recently, the National Sciences Academy recognized the nutrient “cholin” in eggs as being “essential to one’s diet.” “Cholin” plays an essential role in the development of brain motor functioning and memory.
Avocados are almost as good as blueberries in enhancing brain health. While the avocodo is pretty fatty, the fat is monounsaturated; promoting increased circulation and bloodflow. The increased circulation from avocado nutrients is not only found in the body, but is highly prevalent in the brain. Avocados also lower blood pressure levels — which is known to benefit the brain. Lower blood pressure is linked to an increase in cognitive abilities and I.Q.
Spinach feeds the brain with vital nutrients and enzymes that it needs to strengthen synapses and produce healthy levels of neurotransmitters. Spinach also keeps up Folic acid – low levels of Folic acid have been linked to memory decline and heart disease.



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