Student Health
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Student Health

Being a student doesn’t always equal to a healthy lifestyle. Party till the break of dawn, fastfood, alcoholic drinks, little sleep, little exercises and demanding assignments don’t do any good for your health. Actually, this is kind of controversial, when you think of the fact that certain types of food and exercising do have a positive impact on your brain functioning and so on your performances in college. This section of is dedicated to student health. Learn how you can cook delicious healthy food on a budget.

Staying Fit!

Lots of research has shown that exercising not only keeps your body in shape, but also keeps your brain fit. A recent study performed by Georg Kuhn (professor at the Center for Brain Repair and Rehabilitation at the University of Gothenburg, Sweden) has found that fit teenagers between the ages of 15 and 18 performed better on cognitive tests than their fellow students. Even the future of these teenagers is supposed to look brighter with higher educational and socioeconomic status later in life. Kuhn says: “We cannot determine from this study alone that physical fitness causes better cognitive functioning, but taken together with other studies, we can assume that better cardiovascular fitness may optimize cognitive performance and academic achievements.”

Find out how you can get your brain into 'shape' in the staying fit section or check out the home exercises.

Source: Aberg, M.A.I., et al. (2009). Cardiovascular fitness is associated with cognition in young adulthood, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences



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