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Spain Students Leading the Surge Abroad

A student travel survey has just been published with some surprising results: despite their much famed fantastic weather, relaxed lifestyle and strong cultural heritage, it seems Spanish students are more than happy to leave their family homes for new (and undoubtedly colder) pastures, to study abroad within the EU.

Over 22,000 students left Spain as a part of their course in the 06/07 academic year, a figure which is set to increase with the close of the 07/08 year.  The favoured destinations were France, Britain, Germany, Italy and Belgium. Portugal, despite its close proximity to Spain, was somewhat unpopular with the students – only Holland was placed below it as a destination of choice.

In spite of last year’s mass movement from the universities of Spain, given that it was in fact Spain which was the favourite destination for foreign students to take their year abroad in, its lecture theatres were in no way left empty – in fact they were brimming with the 27,000 students who came through the Erasmus scheme (the European Commission programme created to provide mobility grants for EU university students). 

Perhaps inspired by the ever increasing cultural diversity of their classes, teachers too have been opting to explore that which lies beyond their local educational institute and again, Spain is one of the seemingly favourite places to go, second only to Germany.  This fact, when considered alongside the reluctant attitude of Spanish teachers to leave their homeland (Germany, France and Italy all having more mobile teachers) would indicate that Spain is indeed a haven for those in the teaching industry.

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