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Snow causes early school closing

Due to heavy snowfall, great numbers of schools are affected and need to close earlier according to reliable and consistent online news. Some students have the benefit of taking an extra curricular activities when the temperature drop because great experiences are nearby that only winter season can bring. However, this week has been inconvenient by millions of students especially in the territory of North Alabama and beyond.

Because of the heavy-falling snow and ice predictions, just early yesterday around 10 in the morning, students with their parents are immediately informed that classes are canceled to avoid risks. This regularly happen when the winter arrived early or snow linger which still heavy surprising everyone with strong snowstorm and freezing cold; it can cause harm in which many schools are closed, many transportation are blocked wherein full of abounded cars will stuck up, and also countless households facing the difficulties with their day by day activities because of the thick snow and cold.

If is not expected by any one, that means that no one was equipped and prepared. One example of a school affected is the Barren County High School. According to the school’s respective principal Phil Eason that Because of the early closing the high school student education will going to miss their last two periods but he said that it was a productive day; and he talked about how the school will amend to all the snow days. Furthermore, said that, “We’re going to make sure we go on with instruction and I think we have to make sure we are hitting on the core area and the core concepts and getting those in first and it does change that a little bit.” As a result, the parents have to test out with their school district in the morning to see if classes have resumed so that students recompense their lessons.

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