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Several African Students Pursue Higher Education in China

China has been known for its fast growing economic status. It can’t be denied that the China nation had been continually improving. It is very evident with the establishment of different infrastructure and industries that have continually operating. In which, it provides several employment opportunities for their people and to some foreign individuals. As well, China also gives opportunities for foreign students especially African students who want to study in their nation. In response to this scenario, several foreign students take the opportunity to be enrolled in one of the schools mostly colleges or universities in China. It has been found out that the population rate of foreign college student in the schools or universities in China have continuously growing especially the African race. It has been observe that there are several African students in the student community in China. The observations have been supported with the findings of the China’s Ministry of Education where in around 2,757 African student community have been existed last 2005. As the year goes on, the population rate keeps on increasing until it arrives to 3,737 African students.

Most of these African college students in China get a career education in the field of medicine, economic, business, management, technology and other more. African students are encouraged to pursue their higher education because of the two main reasons. The first reason is that, they see China’s nations as an advance and productive nation in terms of technology and as being a competitive nation. The second reason is the warm relationship between China and Africa’s nations. It is very evident because there are several Chinese businesses that are established in African’s nation.

The establishment of Chinese firm or businesses in Africa gives employment opportunities for the African individuals to gained work. In which, these is also the reason why African students are more eager to pursue their higher education in China. It’s because they want to learn the Chinese language, system, technologies and several more knowledge in any field of study. As result they will be have a great opportunity to be employed in China or Chinese industries in the Africa.

As well, aside of that China is also giving scholarship for the African student community in order to pursue higher education in China. The government of China released their statement that they will be giving to 2,000 to 4,000 scholarships to African deserving individuals who will pursue a college education in China. The Chinese government scholarships are covered to the 50 countries in Africa. It has been predicated that the individuals who will be taken the African student community in China will continually rise up as the scholarship opportunities will be increasingly given. With great help of China to Africa’s nation no wonder that there are African students who are much eager to pursue their educational status in China.

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