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Scientific Facts about Art Education

Its been noted for several years in the United States that art subject are mostly likely not given much focus towards fine art field especially in high school and elementary educational level of learning but rather provides greater focus towards mathematics and English subject field. But just recently, some researchers have discovered beneficial effects about the inclusion of fine arts towards the learning of young students especially in the early age. It’s been found out that teaching arts can be provides a good benefit to the learners across the entire discipline of life. Scientists have discovered that those learners who studied arts during their high school life especially music and drawing got a more focus brain functioning intensely or excelling in their academics and education program learning.

This findings was been discovered by the brain researchers on how several learners both young and adult individuals learn so fast. It came first into the idea that the human brain don’t lose brain cells especially when the person gets older but rather keep on the status of always being capable of growing. Aside of that, researchers found out that those learners who are studying in art schools especially those who are trained in music field got a correlation of excellence in their ability of doing the geometry. Another aspect that researchers discovered was the effects of music towards the attention of the learners and they have found out that those learners who are very much incline, participative, got motivated towards creativity and got a formal training in art field usually develop much more attention and intelligence especially in their academic education and some extra-curricular activities or sports and physical fitness educational learning. With these findings, it provides a proof that there is an exact correlation between music and the excellence gain in the field of math.

As of now, brain imaging is gaining more advancement that scientist can already see the difference between the brain networking especially those learners who are incline doing instrumental field especially string instruments and to those individuals who are studying piano intensely. Most of the educators have stated that even thou without this formal research that been conducted there are still assured that art education can provide self-confidence in excelling their academics especially in the field of math.

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