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Reviving the Quality of Educational System in England

For several years, the educational learning system here in England had already been known because of its good quality of educational services that being offered to their learners. In which, not only the private schools offers a good quality of educational learning but as well, the public learning institutes are also known as a great provider of high caliber of educational program. Even though, there are some controversies that have arise regarding to the recent educational learning system of the country but the different educational learning institutes and educators tried their best to revive the good reputation of their schools in giving out good quality of educational services to their students.

One of the recent system that being practiced by most educators and schools in the country in order to revive the good reputation of the educational services is to practice the students in the 1st to 4th grade in essay writing consisting with correct grammar and correct spelling but to those students who doesn’t perform much on this correct usages of words and spelling are also given an average points. The different educators in the country have agreed that through this writing essay practice, it will be a great help for the young students to discover and exercise their potential in writing. Aside of that also, their skills in writing will be a great help in developing their knowledge as they go continue their higher educational learning. As well, writing skills is also the best way upon enhancing future career field or profession. Since, most people who got good writing skills will eventually obtain good career jobs. With the different benefits that this writing skill brings, this is one of the reasons that they like to train the young students to exercise their writing skills through essay writings during exams or class sessions.

Most of the educators here in England especially Mr Buckroyd which is the chief examiner of English for Assessment and Qualifications Alliance (AQA) have a great conviction that this essay writing practice to the young students in the 1st to 4th grade level will be give a good outcome for the young learners develop their skills and knowledge and aside of that also, this essay writing system will be a great privilege for the country itself to revive its good educational reputation that been question for a while.

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