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Resolving the Occurrence of Skilled Workers Shortage

The presences of skilled workers are very much important in the society because they played a major role in developing the system of the world in order to attain success. The main function of the skilled workers are most likely requires hands on job functions such as repairing a machine, factory job functions, baking or cooking, performing medical technical functions and other field of work that requires a hands on skills of the person. As well, skilled workers are very much needed as construction workers and maintaining the technological facilities in the world. It is quite clear that in every areas of work, skilled workers are very much in demand and there presence creates a significant difference of the world.

With the great importance of skilled workers in the society, it very alarming to know that the skilled workers here in the United States are decreasing in their numbers and several areas in here in the United States are in need of skilled workers in order to perform hands on job functions. These skilled worker concerns are very much alarming and needed to be given an immediate attention. The government is creating two main strategies in order to increase the skilled workers of the country. The first aspect is to encourage more young individuals to take a skilled course program in the different vocational technical schools in the country. In which, several scholarship, grants and federal student loan program are scattered in the different technical and vocational schools in the country. As well, the government are also encouraging the parents of the high school learners to support them by encouraging their sons and daughters to take a vocational or technical skilled course program in order to help their country in attaining success and at the same time attain a rewarding career because taking a skilled course program entails a great success as soon they can obtain a job employment in the different industries or companies in the country. Since, most of the companies will give higher compensation rate and several privileges to their skilled workers especially right now that there are presences are very much in demand. The second aspect in increasing the population rate of the skilled workers is to hire migrant workers from the other nations especially to the developing countries. But the government prefers the first strategy which increasing the numbers of young learners to take skilled course program.

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