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Resolving the Issue of the Increase of Drop Out Students

Here in the United States, one of the major issues in the field of education is the increase rate of students dropping out from their classes or course program in their respective schools for several reasons. These cases are quite alarming because it does not bring any progression to the life of the drop out students and to the society where they belong because those individuals who will be dropping from their educational program got only a lower possibility to gain a rewarding career. Since, most of the companies nowadays will usually hire people that have attained a higher educational learning to become part of their company in order to support their in developing their system. As well, society is also affected regarding the dropping out the students because it can lead to the decrease of potential individuals in leading the society for its progression.

With these disadvantages of students dropping out from their schools, the government created several strategies in order to resolve this situation such as the creation of the different scholarship program for both high school and college level of education. As well, the presence of federal student loan financial aid is also available for those individuals who will not qualify for the scholarship or grant program. But another student’s assistance program had been created which is the working student program. In which, the school will allow hire students to access them in their educational services or to do some clerical works. These student assistance programs that had been created already come up good results from it. In which, it motivates and help more students to accomplished a higher educational degree. But somehow, these programs are still not enough to resolve the vast increase of drop out students here in the United States. In that case, another program had been created which is the career expo for the grade school learners. In this event, the grade school learners are given a chance to explore the different field of work or job employment and how to attain that can of profession. As well, it gives them an opportunity to make friends with the professionals in the different companies or industries that have participated in the career expo.

Most of the career education experts are quite convince that this career expo program will be a strong gage in resolving the issue of drop out students in their educational program because it can motivate the young learners to forego their education and attain a greater success in life.

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