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QI is Quite Effective System in Motivating Students to Learn

Providing a quality of education to the young individuals or learners is the prime concern of the teachers and the school administrators because it is their duty that the young learners will gain something as they have finished their educational course program and seek for employment. Since, the school had been designed in order to give a formal educational learning to the younger generations in order for them to become future leaders in the country. In that case, learners are very much expecting that there educators will provide them great knowledge, learning’s and skills in order to equip them to become successful individuals in the society. In this video, it just simply presented some expectation of college students towards to their teachers in order to help them become efficient learners. To sum up everything, it is quite clear that students really want to learn things from their teachers that will retain and use them for a life time.

In that case, several professors are very much incline to provide a strategic learning system that will help the learners to be molded and bounded to acquire great knowledge and skills. Here in the England some of the professors like Chris Parry wants to use another uplifting system upon educating the learners in order to a have a lively and interactive educational learning with the assurance that the learners really gain something on what their educators presented to them. Chris Parry suggested to the private and public schools to use this Quite Interesting (QI) system of teaching the learners in order to more productive in giving their educational services to their students. This QI had been developed by John Lloyd five years ago. They have conducted an experiment which conducted to a group of learners and they have found out very much effective in motivating the learners to learn more. Since, it makes the children actively participated in the classroom discussion and look forward for another topic because every learning that they got is very much interesting to hear such as the facts that goldfish have long memories and many others.

With these interesting topics to be included in the subject matter, it really captures the curiosity of the learners to learn more things. In that case some private schools here in England have used this kind of educational learning system upon teaching their students or learners.

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