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Professor’s Virtual Offices Hours for the Student Services

It can be observe that the educational learning system of the world have taken it’s innovation through applying the concept of online education system. United States has taken a lead in using the online learning system. It was found out that they got the highest number of online schools which offers different educational and student services. Since, most prestigious colleges and universities in the United States are establishing an online educational program system which the students can conveniently use.

The universities and colleges that have taken the lead in offering the different educational and student services through online are the University of Phoenix, Harvard University, California State University-San Bernardino, Pennsylvania State University and etc. It is quite clear that the application of online learning system will be advantage for both teachers and students that will be involved in this type of learning system.

Even though, that the existence of online learning has been widely use and several students are adapting these type of educational set up but still schools campus setting is on the lead. In which, there are several students who wants to be educated in the school campus educational learning rather than online. In that case, several colleges and universities in the United States want to modernize their services in order to cater to needs of their learners. One of the schemes that most professors have created is the application of virtual office hours. In which, the professor can extend their student service program though using the virtual office hours.

In which, a certain student can easily approach their professor and brought out some important matter in regards to their field of study. Just like the case of David Malan, a computer science professor in the Harvard University have launched a virtual office hours in order to offer different student services program. In which, Malan have launched a free java software that will allow him and the learner view each other while communicating. As well, Richard Lillie also applies the virtual office hours. Richard Lillie is a accountant professor at California State University-San Bernardino. In which, he uses the Skype program that will allow the user to have an online chat and computer to computer phone calls. As well, she also uses a SlightSpeed that will allow her to have videos on their discussion.

As well, some professors of other universities and colleges have also taken plan to apply the concept of virtual office hours as part of giving educational services such as the University of Phoenix, Pennsylvania State University and other more educational institutes. Indeed it is clear that the educational and student services program are gradually improving. In which, both the educators and the students have benefited on it especially to the case of distant learner or international student who are mile away from their educators. Virtual offices hour services of the professors have really created a great global advantage to their learners.

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